The White Chic Edition of iPhone4 on Goldstriker is Embellished with Over 500 Swarovski Stones

Stuart Hughes is blessed. Anything he touches turns to gold and anything he designs turns to luxury. Stuart Hughes and his team have done wonders with iPads by transforming a simple tablet into a luxurious work of art. They have turned their focus back to iPhone and given it a new life, a new look and feel. Their new creation is an iPhone4 which they are calling the White Chic Edition.

No doubt, it is white and chic. The whiteness of the phone is a result of platinum embellished with Swarovski crystals. Each phone is hand finished to achieve the perfect hue of white. The uniquely crafted phone boasts of over 500 best quality Swarovski stones, all of them set individually so that they run seamlessly along the circumference of the bezel. The stones add to the seductive shape of the phone and give it a sensuous feel. The stunning phone is available exclusively on Goldstriker for £2,795 which is approximately $4,500.

The model of iPhone4 chosen for the makeover by Stuart Hughes is unlocked to all networks worldwide. The variant is a 32 GB iPhone and suitable for a jet setting user. There are color options in the Swarovski crystals used that you can choose from. The choices available now are Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Midnight Black. There would be stones in other colors available in the future. Goldstriker is offering the option of making over your existing iPhone4 in the Chic design. No price has been quoted for the service but you can contact them for a quotation.

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