Fancy Schmancy iPhone 4 Leather Case with Bethune Pocket Watch on the Back

Any fancy piece of equipment that has to be carried around creates an opportunity to make cases for them. The idea is to protect the equipment like a tablet or a phone while being used outdoors and prevent any damage if it falls off in a careless moment. But the case designers and manufacturers stretch this idea to an extent where the case becomes more precious that the equipment it is supposed to protect.

Griffin Motif case was made for iPhone 4 was made to protect it even in a 1,000 feet fall. What are the odds that your iPhone will face a 1,000 feet fall? There is a new uber expensive case in the market for iPhone 4. The fancy schmancy iPhone4 case features a Bethune pocket watch in its leather back. It is not a run of the mill watch but boasts of a schmancy DB 1024 movement.

If you are too lazy to turn your phone around to check the time this watch will tell you the time. The leather used to make the case is top class and the finish and the craftsmanship is of the highest order. The only thing that worries me is that you might need another case to protect the watch in case of a fall. The details of pricing and availability are not available as yet but you can rest assured that the price will not be in hundreds but thousands of dollars.

Via: technabob/crunchgear

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