Online Art Gallery Exhibit A Offers Exclusive Access To Contemporary Art

The increasing reach of the Internet has made our access to art and luxury so much easier. All you have to do these days is log on to a niche website and browse through its collection. Sometime ago, I had written about the upcoming launch of LoveLabels an online auction address for luxury goodies. Now, it is time to announce the online presence of Exhibition A.

Exhibition A is an online art gallery that is a members-only site. The homepage of the website announces, “Exhibition A gives you exclusive access to art by today’s most notable contemporary artists.” For art connoisseurs, that is great news. The gallery features exclusive artworks by the big names of contemporary art. Notably, the works of these artists are showcased in important museums, galleries and sought after by serious collectors. Olaf Breumin, Jim Drain, Les Rogers, Steve Powers and Rene Richard are among the artists to have been featured by this art gallery.

Each week, the online art gallery will be unveiling a new artwork or collection by an artist or group of artists. Either these works will be made available for a limited period over the website or there will be only a limited number of units available for sale. New releases will be available for sale over either a two-week or four-week period.

What serious collectors will love about Exhibition A is the “initial price offering”. Under this, the gallery will be offering artworks at a lower price over the first four weeks of its showing. Thereafter, the price will be increased. If contemporary art interests you, sign up for exclusive access to some fantastic artists.

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