Enjoy A Marine Getaway With The New Wave Dock By Wave Armor

This one is the ultimate in boys’ toys. At the same time, it is the perfect way to brighten up dull weekends with the family. The modular floating dock by Wave Armor is the perfect fit for water babies who love the luxurious life. If living by the waterfront has always been your dream, the Wave Dock is just what the doctor ordered.

The new Wave Dock by Wave Armor is not your regular floating dock. This one comes fitted with a range of luxury accessories. It is not just about docking your boat wherever you heart tells you to. This little beauty is perfect for lazing around over chilled drinks and easy conversations and soaking up the sun. Fitted into this Wave Dock are two adjustable backrests. Flip them up whenever you need to use them and lay them flat against the dock when you don’t. This space saving component is just one of the many cool features of this floating dock. Between the two backrests stands a pop-up table with beverage holders.

The Wave Dock includes a folding dock ladder, a dock bumper, a universal dock box, in addition to an H-Beam channel lock system and a Snap-in-Cap attachment to make walking around safer. More importantly, this baby boasts of great performance, strength and durability. Its precision-engineered suction pockets ensure that it remains stable while on water.

For those who have been eyeing a floating home in Marina Housing’s Floating Pleasure islands, the Wave Dock might be a great additional. Plus, you can custom-fit a kayak rack or wave rafts to add further zing to your time on the ocean.

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