Chanel’s Exquisite J12 Chromatic Is Virtually Indestructible

Chanel’s J12 range of watches has not been around for very long, but enthusiasts have been swooning over the classic designs. The latest from Chanel on the J12 front is the J12 Chromatic, a luxury watch that rates high on timeless elegance. However, the J12 Chromatic’s USP lies elsewhere. Generally, we associate indestructibility with heavy-duty sports watches, but here is a sophisticated timepiece that makes a similar promise. Chanel has built a titanium ceramic casing around this watch, which should make it practically indestructible. The casing is almost as tough as sapphire. Indeed, this offering from Chanel is the perfect example of fashion meeting functionality.

The titanium ceramic casing is the perfect ingredient from the design point of view. The colors constantly shift between black and white. In addition, Chanel has made use of a special polishing technique to create a beautiful glossy metallic finish on this line of luxury watches. The polishing technique has been inspired the use of diamond powders in polishing sapphires. The final result is similar to that of gold or platinum.

The dial is perhaps the most striking feature of this luxury timepiece from Chanel. A circular pattern along the outer dial meets the brushed steel of the inner dial to great effect. The J12 Chromatic comes in male and female versions. And there are seven different models. There is a 33 mm with Quartz movements. Or you could pick a 38 mm and 41 mm with automatic movements with either round or baguette-cut diamonds. Plenty of options, plenty of style. This is luxury timekeeping at its best.

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