Carré ViiiP 2011: The French ‘Big Brother’ Scores High On Grandeur

There is no escaping Big Brother these days. The television reality show featured on celebrities has come a long way since its beginnings in the United Kingdom. The show that thrives on notoriety, controversy and plenty of drama has crossed over into France where it has reincarnated as Carré ViiiP 2011. The format involves a range of celebrities and wannabe celebrities (or rather VIIIPs and WannaVIIIPs) doing their best to boost the TRPs for the show. However, if you can take your eyes off the drama, have a look at the décor and furnishings on the sets of this reality show.

The furniture that has been used on the sets of Carré ViiiP 2011 is the epitome of French style. The makers of Carré ViiiP 2011 have brought in some well-established designer labels to provide the look for this reality show. Among the biggies that will be showcasing their designs and luxury wares on the show are Vange, Slide and Forscarini Diesel.

Even a quick glance at the sets reveals that this is the height of luxury furnishing. There is nothing minimalist about the sets on this TV show. There is a generous sprinkling of gold stools by Tam Tam. You will love the Vidame Creation shelves. And if that was not grand enough, check out the tiger skin sprawled across the room. The celebrity contestants will be drinking out of glasses by Leonardo and using a high-end kitchen equipped by Bugatti and KitchenAid. The furniture is by Vitra and Vange with Cristel and Peugeot providing the accessories. Who needs TV access to celebrity homes with Carré ViiiP 2011 around?

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