Acronym Prices its Circdiscover iPad Bag at the Same Level as the iPad itself

iPad is the most popular tablet and it has generated a lot of demand for iPad cases and bags to carry them conveniently and safely. Apple themselves market reasonably priced cases for iPads as part of their range of accessories for the tablet. But there are designers who keep joining the action and create cases and bags for the popular gadget that are sold for exorbitant prices in the name of exclusivity and the brand equity of the designer.

At times it is difficult to explain how a cover for a gadget could cost as much as the gadget itself. After all how much can a designer’s brand equity add to the price of a product. The brand equity of Apple is enormous. There is some premium factored into the price tag of $499 for the iPad. In fact it also includes the cost of long research and development that must have gone into creating a revolutionary and innovative gadget.

The Circdiscover iPad bag from Acronym is made from patented Dimension Polytant Superlight X-PAC fabric. The fabric is reinforced with Cordura. The bag has been designed innovatively. The bag can be worn vertically or horizontally as you wish. The design of the bag allows for hands free usage of the tablet. The Circdiscover bag has been priced at $483. The reinforced patented fabric used for the bag couldn’t be that expensive, so it looks like you are paying a huge price for the name and the position of the designer.

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