The Beautiful Game, a Shinning Foosball Table by Gro

The process of taking a simple thing and transforming it into something that people would admire, must be thrilling for the designer and the creator. Gro has gone ahead and done it. They have taken a humble foosball table and transformed it into “The Beautiful Game”. They have created, perhaps the most luxurious, glossy foosball table finished in chrome. The visual impact of the table is as stunning as the modern day football stadiums.

The Beautiful Game is in fact inspired by life sized modern football stadiums. The modern stadiums are not just beautiful but architectural marvels that enhance the visual landscape and environment. The idea behind the table was to create something as spectacular that would enrich and enhance its surroundings. The shape of the table, its dark base and shining top would make it an appropriate prop on the Star Wars set.

Gro has explained the choice of silver chrome finish as representing the footballers’ status in sports and society. For Gro, The Beautiful Game is a statement against the growing trend of digital gaming that is decidedly anti social. Foosball after all, is everything real sports are meant to be. And above all it helps bonding between colleagues in an office or provides some inebriated amusement to a group of friends. So what! if it costs $68,000.

Via: fastcodesign, 11thegame

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