Kobi Levi Shoes That Lady Gaga Would Love

Get ready for footwear that is right up Lady Gaga’s alley. Israeli footwear designer Kobi Levi has come up with a range of shoes that are quirky, fun and high on pop culture. Here is footwear that a Lady Gaga-like character would slip into with ease. Take the case of the shoe in the picture above. This is as couture as it gets. But this is not a Lady Gaga inspired creation. The inspiration in this case is none other than Madonna’s fashions from her Blond Ambition World Tour of 1990.

Even today, Madonna continues to be quite the trendsetter as far as fashions go. Her high-braided ponytail has played inspiration for one of Levi’s new designs. Trussed out in gold, with a Madonna-like high-braid ponytail behind the ankle, a microphone around the front and cross-stitch down the sides this is as Madonna as it gets. If ever there were such a thing as Lady Gaga shoes, this would be it.  There is more where that came from however. Levi even has a banana-look slip-on in his high-end shoe rack. Notch up another item on the list of potential Lady Gaga shoes. This one rates high on the quirk quotient. The shoe resembles a half-peeled banana, with the peel on the bottom doubling up as the heel.

A slightly less flamboyant pair would be a pair of pumps that attempts to recreate a bird, the mallard. But boring is not Levi’s style. This one too, is high on color and sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Via: Buzzworthy.MTV.com

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