The 1999 Gold Proof 2000‐Yuan 1‐Kilogram coin to be Auctioned in Hong Kong

Have you ever had the opportunity to bid for luck? If you haven’t been lucky so far you need not lose heart. Baldwin’s Hong Kong Coin Auction 50 on April 7 will offer you an opportunity to bid for luck, wealth and prosperity with a pre sale estimate of $200,000 to $240,000. Don’t you think it is a bargain? I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the final sale price is much higher than the estimates.

1999 was the year of the Rabbit as per the Chinese calendar. The Chinese culture and belief considers the rabbit to be the most fortunate of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. They believe it brings luck both to individuals and business. A Gold Proof 2000‐Yuan 1‐Kilogram coin will be put under the hammer at the Hong Kong auction. This auspicious rarity is bound to attract some aggressive bidding by the growing number of millionaires from mainland China.

Only 15 pieces of this coin was ever minted. This particular piece comes in its original case of issue and is said to be in a perfect state with no apparent sign of any wear and tear. To further accentuate the luck factor associated with the coin it has been allotted the lot number eight. The Chinese culture considers the number 8 to the most auspicious number associated with luck and prosperity. Baldwin is also hoping for some luck to rub on them.

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