Munitio Earphones have Killer Looks Backed with Top Performance

For its size it is difficult to imagine how much has been packed in the Munitio earphones. It is not surprising that the SITi S Nine Millimeters has been called the Cadillac of earphones. The 18k gold version is particularly stunning and very difficult to resist for it looks and performance as well. It is made from industrial grade titanium that has the natural noise canceling ability and is highly durable. Even NASA uses the material for high performance applications.

The earphones that look like actual bullets feel heavy like them as well. But once you adjust the sizing they fit in very comfortably in the ears and are hardly visible from outside. The sound quality is superb, it is deep and crisp. Several cutting edge technologies have been incorporated to make the sound quality superior. Custom tuned AccousticSoundFlowSystem, BassEnhancingChamber and SiliconeHollowPoints all add to the performance of the earphone.

The color scheme is a black and silver combine. The shining surface has an eagle pattern etched on it. It has a masculine look but in any case it stays in the ear. The cables have been made from Kevlar reinforced fabric to keep the wires from stretching and shorting. The packaging is of the same level as the product including a leatherette carrying case with tension closure. It has been priced at $159.

Via: store.munitio

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