Goldmund Releases Luxury Oriented Telos 3500 Mono Power Amplifier

The sound produced by the Goldmund range of products is recognized for its lowest distortion and being closest to the natural sound. Lot of research and development goes into creating every new product by a dedicated team of developers who are known for their skills and passion. We have already seen many high end offerings from the company like the million dollar high tech home theater. The Telos 5000 Amplifier, priced at $189,600, was also admired for its quality and output.

There have been many more products that have managed to push the envelope in its segment. Eidos Reference Blu-ray player that sells for $135,000 is considered one of the best players available. Telos 3500 Mono Power Amplifier is the latest product from the Goldmund stable. Some have branded it as the most luxury oriented product from the group. It delivers 3500 watts RMS with the lowest distortion figure. It has been inspired by the famous Telos 5000 amplifier.

Telos 3500 Mono Power Amplifier can produce high quality sound through any high end speaker system with equal ease. The R&D team has taken the audio design to the level of an art and has added meticulously layers to the existing schematic design. The main structure of the amplifier is brass and the external surface is aluminum. It has the look of a sculpture and not a sound equipment. It is obviously aimed at affluent audiophile and has been priced at $151,250.

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