The HD Camcorder with Built in Projector for Instant Display

The electronics and digital technology has made it possible to miniaturize a product without compromising on its efficiency or performance. It is this progress and evolution of technology which has made it possible for a HD camcorder to become a projector with a flick of a switch. The images projected are up to 65” diagonal. The camcorder has a built in projector that uses a 12 lumen lamp.

The picture resolution of 640×480 can be projected on a wall in a darkened room immediately after shooting from the camcorder and enjoy the image or the video in super size display. The HD camcorder is equipped with 5 MP sensor enabling it to capture video at up to 1280×720 HD resolution and still images at up to 8 MP. The 5X digital zoom lens and a built in LED light combine to provide the convenience of point and shoot.

A micro SD card comes with camcorder for storage of images and video. The standard product that is right now available on amazon for purchase, comes with a 4 GB micro SD card but it can be upgraded up to 32 GB. The camcorder has a 2.4” LCD display for previewing. The content in the camcorder can be uploaded to a computer or viewed on a standard TV or a HD TV. It takes four hours to charge fully and is sufficient for two hours of operations. The dimensions of 5″ H x 2 1/4″ W x 3/4″ D make the camcorder look cute. It is available on Amazon for $299.95.

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