Hermes’ Traveling Festival of Crafts Moves on after Five Days in Chicago

Hermes has created a traveling show, Festival de Metiers which can loosely be translated as Festival of Crafts. It was organized for a five day period next to the Hermes flagship store. The idea behind the exhibition is to spread the awareness about the process and the craftsmanship behind every Hermes creation. The exhibition spread over three floor space is open to public who are free to watch the process and interact with the craftsmen and women.

The festival venue is well decorated and lot of photographs have been displayed in a pattern to highlight the tools used and the sequence of process that is required to finish a particular product. Hermes hopes that the people will, through this festival, discover the poetic and visionary techniques used to make Hermès signature scarves, watches, jewelry, ties, and bags. The message, very clearly, of the festival is that despite being rooted in tradition of saddle making techniques since 1837 Hermes has been adapting modern tools and techniques with remarkable results.

In order to remain focused on their goal Hermes was not selling anything from the venue. The objective was to share knowledge and highlight the skill level of the Hermes craftsmen and women. The segments on display were watchmaking (horloger), gemstone setting (sertisseur), engraving (dessinateur), silk printing (imprimeur sur soie), shirtmaking (chemisier), as well as tie making, and leather stitching. Engraver Nadine Rabilloud and the silk printer Henri Leli were the most popular with the visitors and were interacting with them, sometimes with the help of an interpreter.

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  • A once-in-a-lifetime experience. Wish I could have been there. Thank you for posting this.

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