Aires Mateus Architects Introduce a Radically New Style to the Architectural Design of a Nursing Home

Aires Mateus Architects in their new project have changed the very concept of a nursing home. What you see in Alcacer do Sal, Portugal does not in any way fit the pre conceived notion of a nursing home you have in your mind. They have managed to introduce a radically new style to the architectural design of a nursing home. The design has evolved from the architect’s reading of the way of life of the elderly.

The architectural design has given a lot of thought and attention to the specific needs of the elderly. It is a luxury nursing home for the old . The ultra modern design has turned it into more of a hotel cum hospital for the elderly. Aires Mateus Architects have reinterpreted the basic tenets of design to address the needs of both the social and private lives of the residents.

Independent units come together to become a whole. The well thought out design of the building is simple. The geometric shapes and the large openings provide both the sun as well as shade. An individual balcony for every room is an invaluable feature of the design. The design of the building is very expressive and merges with the landscape. The whole building seems to emerge from the hill at one end.

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