Hermes Unveils Luxury Dressing Stand for Men

French luxury goods house Hermès sure knows how to keep a man happy. Keeping men happy isn’ a difficult job, but when it comes to dandies, it could get a little too complex. Now, Hermes has unveiled a great accessory that would help men to get dressed every morning when they go out. They have unveiled a valet stand which comes in solid mahogany, fine leather and brass with ebony details.

It is in fact a reissue of the classic luxe piece that was launched way back in 1930. Back then, it was launched by famed French designer Paul Dupré-Lafon. The original was sold for $65,000 in Paris. The stand is designed in an Art Deco fashion and it comes with a calfskin hangar for suits. There is also a calfskin tray in which you could keep your ties, belts and braces.

The luxury item costs $3,000 and could be a great gift for a man who loves to dress up. All you would need to do right now, is to go ahead and get a stand like this for yourself or for your man, so that you know you would get to see a well dressed man in the morning every day.

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