Facebook Puts Half a Dozen Billionaires on Forbes List this Year

Here is also good news for the Facebook fans. The (celebrity billionaire,) Mark Zuckerberg rose to 52nd position in the world’s richest billionaires’ list released by Forbes recently with an estimated wealth of $13.5 billion. He was as low as at number 212th with a wealth of $4 billion. This is not very surprising as the number of fans for Facebook just increases by the minute. Looks like the movie “Social Network” has worked much better in favor of Mark himself than anybody else.

According to Forbes ranking lists, Facebook is valued at $50 billion, which is based on the Goldman Sachs led investment. Besides, Facebook has more reasons to boast now. Along with Mark, there are also five others who have joined him in the billionaires’ list this year: Moskovitz, Saverin, Parker, Thiel and Milner. All the four co-founders and Sean Parker have made it to the top 20 youngest billionaires. Among them, Dustin Moskovitz tops this year’s youngest billionaire list all at 26 with a wealth of $2.7 billion.

Mark was awarded the same title last year. It is also noticed that Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth fetched the highest percentage gain of any of the billionaires, which was more than tripled to a whopping $13.5 billion from $4 billion. With this speed, we won’t be surprised if Mark hits the top 25 list by the next year.

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