Expensive Dishes Should Not be a Gimmick but Justify the Price with the Experience

How much should a good meal cost? But when you are talking about luxury it is not the food alone that counts but the whole dining experience. Arnaud’s at New Orleans serves a dessert of strawberries, ice cream and a port red wine along with a 5 kt pink diamond ring. The price is $1.4 million for the package which qualifies as the most expensive. But how can you find out the cost of the dessert as the final price tag will be determined by the size of the diamond on the ring.

There are several other examples of rather expensive dishes that don’t use the gimmick of using gemstones or precious metal to jack up the bill. In New York City Norma’s offers a $1,000 six egg frittata which they call the Zillion Dollar Frittata. It comes with a whole lobster and 10 ounces of lustrous caviar to justify its extravagant price. There are many such examples of extravagantly priced dishes being served by different restaurants.

At Las Vegas, a new restaurant Fleur serves a Fleur Burger 5000. The burger has Kobe beef, foie gras and black truffles and is served along with a rare bottle of 1995 Petrus wine. You can be the best judge of whether the price tag of $5,000 is justified or not. Shaboo, another Las Vegas restaurant run by revered sushi chef Masa Takayama offers a chef’s choice menu and the meal prepared could be described as divine and any price could be justified for a meal like that.

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