The Global Party Official Invitation: 80,000 of the World’s Elite Partying for a Noble Cause

I have a fad to explore entrepreneur’s world, start-ups and find the void in the business world that can be bridged via new ventures. To me, this is another way of improving the quality of life for masses and I consider it as luxury for self. My hands on “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter introduced me to the fact paying taxes to the government was a trick pushed by middle class to extract money from ultra wealthy but the irony is, it only came back on the face of middle class/service class as businessmen have “Corporations” as a body to their rescue. With the close of each financial year, like every industry; luxury leaders expect it to be in their favor knowing government is prejudice and welcomes “money” from other’s income.

Why can’t the rules of “money” industry change? Why can’t people have a better financial IQ? Why can’t there be a revolution that favors all? Why can’t everyone aspire to earn more and give a %age of it towards a noble cause than filling the fat pockets of our democratic leaders? This is no ideal thought as billionaires themselves are promoting it. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet have already donated billions of dollars from their fortune and are inviting co-billionaires’ to join them. Bill Gates is so inspired by philanthropy, his mission of life that it costs him richest-man title. Do you remember the $500 million charity headquarters developed for the Gates Foundation? That’s an example of how billionaires follow the rich way to donate…every gesture of theirs breeds quality and why not as they have been nurtured that way.

The evolving culture of sharing one’s wealth to make this world a better place to live in is highly appreciable. One such effort worth-noticing is “The Global Party” scheduled for 15 September at 80 plus venues worldwide witnessing 80,000 plus guests within 24 Hours. David Johnstone is the name behind this great event.

D-Day: 15-16 September 2011
The day is going to be another historical day as it aims at connecting not only world’s elite but also premium brands and high-end venues i.e. super yachts, nightclubs, private members clubs and five-star properties worldwide. The known names invited to this great event are familiar names from the worlds of Business, Fashion, Media and Society.

Inspired by Phileas Fogg
Taking inspiration from “Around the World in 80 Days,” The Global Party is honored to host 80+ parties globally (not in 80 days) within 24 hours with 80,000+ invitees around the world. The confirmed venue owners take the charge to host this gala event in Amsterdam, Cape Town, Delhi, Dubai, Marbella, Marrakech, Melbourne, Mexico City, New York, Sao Paulo, Shanghai and few others.

Official Invitation: Key-2 luxury
There is no invitation card designed for this great event. This doesn’t indicate its open to all.  But to add to its uniqueness, a signature lifestyle accessory is been designed to mark its beauty. It is been said every guests invited to The Global Party will be honored with a coveted silver Key-2 Luxury key ring along with a gift from the Venue/Hosts and the directors of The Global Party.
The Key-2 Luxury silver key ring offers its key holders access to 1000s of personal contacts plus exclusive VIP privileges for life at the most prestigious establishments globally, including all elite venues hosting this one-of-its-kind charity event. Key-2 Luxury will span over 40 countries and 70 cities worldwide. The Key-2 Luxury silver key accessory can be seen an extension to offer VIP privileges for life. To clear your doubt, the key is not available for sale by the general public.

PR Campaign: is the official face for the rich PR campaign developed for The Global Party. It allows an easy access to the information/updates to all Global Party partners, sponsors and press. Besides promoting the arrangements of the Global Party, it also aims at gathering attention to the individual brands involved with this noble cause.

Luxury for a Noble Cause
I see events like this as another form of philanthropy. The event aims at raising a significant amount of money for 100’s of charities globally to support up to 12 official benefiting charities including IAA – The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (International Award Association), IIE (Institute Of International Education), Blue Marine Foundation, Sentebale, ARK (Absolute Return for Kids) and Tusk.  David Johnstone, CEO/Founder, The Global Party says: “As a token of our appreciation for those who purchase 1 of the first 750 pairs of tickets to The Global Party, we would like to invite you to the Natural History Museum in London for the Official Private Launch Party one week before on Thursday 8th September 2011.”

Venue: Taman Gang, New Delhi, India
I am pleased to share one of the venues for the Global Party in India is Taman Gang, #315 DLF Promenade Mall, 2nd Floor, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110070. Rahul & Sharmila Nath – Managing Directors, Taman Gang take the honor to host this out-of-the-box event: “Innovation of thoughts is the key to success. The Global Party can be witnessed as the next biggest thing after Live Aid to host shows globally. We at Taman Gang India take pride to be associated with The Global Party to showcase the best in class at each destination.”

Media Coverage
I just got a news confirmation from The Global Party representative via email about the press launch party scheduled for 17 March at being hosted by the Marbella Club. Media representatives from countries across interested in participating in this “first of its kind” event would be given an opportunity to meet David Johnstone and Lord Stanley Fink and get a taste of what The Global Party aims to achieve.

The event understands the curiously of newly rich and the fact that money making is a practice now so there is no dearth of “new millionaires” atleast. Hence, the event offers tickets to individuals along with corporate packages. For individual package, each ticket costs £1,450 and only 30 pairs of tickets available per city. It includes the silver Key-2 Luxury key ring. The corporate package has 26 (13 pairs) tickets for your VIP guests, each costing £960 per ticket. Each of the ticket entitles guests 1st choice to attend 1 of the 80+ parties scheduled globally on 15-16 September 2011.

My all eyes on 15 September and we so wish we can offer you live updates from the venue.

I wish all luxury of life to my dear readers for staying around and making EliteChoice a rich online space to feel luxury.

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