Musical Partnerships are Proving Beneficial for Luxury Brands and Musicians

Popular musicians have very hard core fan following. They become a cult figure for their fans and they follow them blindly in wherever they go or do. Every product they use or any location they frequent become ‘endorsed’ by them in the eyes of the fans. Some of the leading recording artists have started using the inherent strength of their name and music commercially by collaborating with luxury brands and brand-name designers for their promotional campaigns.

It is beneficial for both parties and can be very lucrative if handled well. From Lady Gaga to The Ting Tings and Lou Reed, musical artists have begun lending their talent and image to the promotional efforts of luxury brands in ways never before seen in the marketing campaigns in the fashion industry. The partnership is not limited to the traditional concept of celebrity endorsement or paid spokesperson status. The musicians have become more involved and have greater influence on the message and the campaign.

One of the major reasons behind this rising trend is the dwindling revenues from record sales after the advent of MP3 download and music sharing networks. This has forced the musicians to look for alternative streams of revenue and this business model suits them the best as it gives them money, publicity and an elitist image. Some of the recent arrangements have worked very well for both parties. The marketer are able to cut through the clutter and establish an emotional connect with the target audience.

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