Pasotti From Italy Makes the Most Glamorous Umbrellas

The Pasotti brand name is synonymous with fine and glamorous umbrellas. Year after year, the brand comes up with spectacular collections of umbrellas that are beautiful objects in itself. The story started way back in 1956 in Mantova which is a tiny town nestled just outside Verona in Italy. It is since then that the company has been crafting beautiful collections of the highest quality umbrellas.

They have a tradition of quality craftsmanship that has, in fact, improved over the years, and have always used the highest quality materials and the finest Italian fabrics. Above all, it is the incredible handles created for the umbrellas that almost make them a work of art. The gold or silver polished rings that keep the umbrella perfectly furled when closed is a unique feature of these umbrellas.

The metal frame of these luxurious umbrellas is not visible. A double cloth system is used to mask the metal frame. Swarovski crystals are used creatively to embellish the umbrellas. Sometimes they are sewed on top or encrusted on the beautiful handcrafted handle. The prices of these gorgeous umbrellas start at €200 and go up to €500.The Pasotti umbrellas sell in over 25 countries around the world. Though they are primarily known for their glamorous umbrellas, they also make hats and raincoats in a wide range.

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