Introducing The All New Magnificent Phosphor Reveal Crystal Watch

The world of horology is one vertical that has always known to have maintained a delicate balance between technology and luxury, producing some of the most marvelous timepieces. One such magnificent watch is the all new Phosphor Reveal from the makers of the incredibly famous E-Ink line of watches, Phosphor. This incredible new watch has taken the luxurious concept of Swarovski crystals and elevated them to a the status of a ‘feature’ where in more than 100 of these crystals have been used in this watch, that not only make it look fabulous, but also tell time too.

The brilliance of this one of a kind time piece is that, the crystals in the watch essentially flip from dark to light to show the current time and that too in a digital format. The intricate and precise movement of the crystals is controlled by a micro-magnetic mechanical system, while the watch comes with both a time display and a seconds display. As of now, there is no word on the pricing of the this beautiful and highly creative digital watch, but it has been announced that, the watch will be available for purchase from March 7th, 2011.

Video after the break.

Via Crunch Gear

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