Rolls-Royce Selects HaloIPT’s Wireless Charging Systems For Its Green, Luxury Car

Rolls-Royce has already unveiled its super-green limousine, the 102EX, at the Geneva Motor Show on 1 March. A little over a week ago, I had written about this experimental electric Phantom that Rolls-Royce was getting ready to launch. And the company has revealed that HaloIPT will be producing the revolutionary induction charging technology for this green luxury car.

With the 102EX, Rolls-Royce will be exploring alternative solutions to existing internal combustion systems. This is a first for the 107-year-old carmaker. Meanwhile, HaloIPT will be producing wireless charging technology for the 102EX. This will involve a built-in receiver that will start charging whenever the car is parked over transmitter pads that have been inserted into the ground. These systems will make use of inductive power transfer (IPT) to charge the receiver, irrespective of gaps or misalignment while parking. The charging technology from HaloIPT is designed to work even under water or under a layer of snow or ice. A slight change in the configurations and the same systems can be used for smaller or larger vehicles.

The big idea is that IPT technology will eventually be embedded into roads so that vehicles can be charged on the go. That would take care of the charging issues faced by most of today’s electric vehicles while also reducing the size of the battery considerably.

Incidentally, HaloIPT is the first company to have brought their IPT technology to the market. The company’s CEO, Dr Anthony Thomson has revealed that industry feedback suggests that the company’s wireless charging systems could indeed unlock the potential of the electric car market.

Via: PR News Wire

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