Peterborough United Prices Season Tickets in Director’s Box at £15,000

Football is not really a rich man’s game but there is a lot of money in football. It takes a lot of money to run football. The football fans are not necessarily rich but the club owners are generally billionaires. Since the leagues are run like big businesses money has to be pumped into the game regularly. The result has been that the ticket prices have been going up steadily. Still, the recent announcement of the price of a season ticket has surprised many.

Peterborough United, also called Posh is based at London Road. They have put eight seats in the Director’s box for sale for £15,000 each. The ticket holders of these special seats will be called honorary directors and would get to eat as many pies as they want. For all the away matches they would get to be the guest of a Club Director. The club officials were not very sure what the response would be like to this expensive offer.

Posh is currently sitting fourth in NPower League One. If they do well, they could be playing the likes of Ipswich Town and Leicester City. If you compare the price with a season ticket of Real Madrid you will find that Posh has been priced ten times higher. The tickets will go on sale from the 7th of March. The club officials are hopeful that some rich fans will pick up the tickets despite the high prices.

Via: dailymail

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