A Large Hotel Room Being Built Around the Merlion for the Singapore Biennale

The Merlion is a mascot of Singapore. It is an 8.6 meter tall structure depicting an imaginary creature.  Literally translated, Merlion would mean sea lion but the creature is a fish lion, that is, it has the body of a fish with the head of a lion. The iconic structure is located on the Marina Bay which is Singapore’s pre-eminent lifestyle precinct. When you think of Singapore you think of Marina Bay and the Merlion first.

The year 2011 will see the Singapore Biennale and several special activities and events are being planned. The most unusual and interesting being the plan to construct a luxury hotel room around Singapore’s national monument, the Merlion by the Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi. It is going to be a large room with an area of 100 square meters. The king size room will be equipped with a queen sized bed and various other modern features and amenities.

The unique room is being called the Merlion Hotel and it will offer the privileged guests unique views of Marina Bay Sands. The Merlion Hotel that will open on March 13 will operate till May 15 only and all the available nights in between have been taken. This is the first time a “hotel room around monument” will be seen in Singapore and it will definitely be a unique experience to sleep with the Merlion.

Via: trendhunter, channelnewsasia

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