Sword Canes: Stylish Cases Hide Sinister Razors Within

There is nothing better than acting out on an urge to destroy things. When you have the opportunity to destroy or harm someone you detest, you surely should be doing that without any qualms anyway. If you were wondering how you could do that in style, here is how.

You would need to spend between $450 and $1,450 and buy one of these cool Sword Canes that look meek but chic, and nevertheless hide a sinister sharp blade inside. They can be used to kill, or destroy someone’s expensive art collection with just one flick. There isn’t more to talk about this anyway, for you would need to get this chic weapon and start acting out. So go ahead, and get the chic Sword Cane, and think and plan about how and whom you are going to harm.

Perhaps you could write a memoir about how many people’s lives you destroyed with this tiny little thing, and I am sure it would fetch a lot of money as well, at one of the bizarre auctions that are usually held in one of the slutty cities like London. If you think this is not fun, you surely must be a really boring person.

Via: Uncrate

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