Premium Glace Ice Cube Make You Look Glamorous While Sipping Your Drink!

Without clanking that sparkling ice cube in your glass, your drink would never be complete. In fact, the more stylish your way of clanking the glass and the ice is, the more number of guys you would attract. Thus, it is very important for you to make sure that you have the right ice cubes!

It may sound a bit too exaggerated but there are luxury ice cubes as well, which would not only help you look sophisticated, but also savour the taste of the drink without the added taste of ice-cubes. Ice cubes in general do have a mild taste of their own which affect the taste of your drink. Thus, the Glace Luxury Ice could just be what you require. Traditional machine ice comes with a lot of impurities and it is said to contain more than 150 impurities and carcinogens that could cause cancer.

Glace Ice is made of purest of water and minerals are added to the liquid before making the ice cubes. The ice cubes themselves are individually carved so that they look good and sparkle their way to your glass. When you have guests coming over, all you would need is a few boxes of these luxury Glace Ice Cubes!


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