Outdated Chinese Erotica to Fetch $1.9 Million in Campy London!

It has been quite some time since we heard or read about bizarre auctions that actually fleece people off their easily-earned money. At Bonhams, you can expect to find ancient Chinese erotica that would be sold for millions. Now, why would anyone want to buy Chinese imperial erotica for millions of dollars, when hotter, steamier and red-blooded erotica could be downloaded off the net for free? Sometimes, the ones who auction things have cells that are in the process of withering away.

However if someone should choose to spend $1.9 million to buy 18th century ivory scenes of erotica in palace gardens, they should be downright bonkers. They are not even large enough to be seen properly and if you choose to use a magnifying glass, yours hands might be interrupted to do your business, which defeats the purpose of erotica anyway.

If you asked me, I would ask you to go ahead and look for some good old erotica avaiolabe online for free. you would also have the choice of choosing what turns you on, instead of something that was created 3 centuries ago in a country that still practices Communism.

Via: Bloomberg

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