Lesina’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Comes with Real Gold Flakes

After the pall of gloom lifts, you would need to celebrate your survival for which you need to eat and cook healthy. There is nothing healthier than Mediterranean food, and that requires a lot of Olive oil. If you were tired of those annoying friends who talk about olive oil and other ingredients like they have mastered the art of cooking, you could just ask them to f*ck off.

I say that because, you can now buy olive oil that literally comes with the ‘Midas touch’. A limited edition Lesina’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes infused with gold. Only 444 bottles come infused with gold and the oil has been extracted from the extra virgin olives found in the Croatian Island of Hvar.

The Lesina’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil with real gold flakes cost 600 Euros per bottle and the bottle itself comes with a signature to guarantee you that its genuine. It is an expensive way to feel good about yourself, and the way you cook, but I guess it is worth it if it makes you happy. Something tells me that you would regret buying it once you do so.

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