Justin Bieber’s Lock Of Hair Up for Grabs For A Good Cause

Justin Bieber, a name that is on the lips of every teenager across the globe has now gained the spotlight again, as the boy wonder, the 17 years old pop/R&B sensation after being invited to the Ellen Degeneres show is contributing to the noble cause of charity, or at least his hair is doing that part for him. Last week, Justin Bieber appeared on the famous talk show, the Ellen Degeneres show and gifted the host with a lock of his hair encased in a plastic box. Ellen on the other hand, took this rather ‘thoughtful’ gift and put it up for auction on eBay, where the Justin Bieber hair and its personally autographed plastic box has now come to an asking price of an incredible $12,800.

The auction on eBay is though for a noble cause, as Ellen Degeneres has declared her plans to forwards the proceeds to The Gentle Barn, an animal rescue organization in Santa Clarita, California. The Gentle Barn, currently run by Ellie R. Laks and Jay Weiner, is fully dedicated towards the betterment of animals and the organization strives to bring the current generation children closer to the animal kingdom and create everlasting bond between the two.  The Gentle Barn has over 130 animals under its care, who had been rescued by the organization from abuse and neglect and brought to a place where the animals could feel at home, while being showered  with care and affection.

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