Canadian Company Looking to Market Golden Mineral Water Gize in the Middle East

Canadian Mineral Water SA has launched a new brand of gold filtered mineral water. This deluxe mineral water has been launched under the brand name Gize. The water is sourced from the natural springs located in the extreme east of Canada, in Spa Springs. The natural mineralization of the water there is of exceptional quality due to the rock formation there for over 200 million years. The water is then filtered through a golden filter that has been specially designed for the purpose.

The company had launched this deluxe mineral water in Europe last year and has brought it to the Gulf Food Expo to explore the potential for the luxury product in the region. In the European market the product has found high acceptability in luxury hotels, resorts and other high end locations. The company is hopeful of getting a similar response from the hotels and spas in the Middle East. Gize is available in Europe in bottles of two sizes. The 200ml bottle sells for 5euros and the 750 ml bottle sells for 15 euros.

The price of gold has hit record levels and that makes this water even more precious. The water contains calcium, magnesium, sodium, chlorine, hydro carbonates, sulphates, silica and TDS in various quantities. The filtration process through gold helps it maintain its natural and pure flavor. The company produces 11,000 liters of Gize an hour but would not disclose the amount of gold used in their filtration process. In any case Gize is the only golden mineral water in the world.

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