The Chocolate: The Ultimate Sinfully Sweet Treat

Lo and Behold! I present to you the finest chocolate in the world. Made with chocolate used in this chocolate has been sourced specially from Pisa and this very chocolate was awarded the ‘Golden Bean’ by the Academy of chocolate. It also includes handmade champagne truffles flaked with 24 karat gold. Plus in a box encrusted with Swarovski crystals, it is pure chocolaty luxury with each bite.

For those of you who don’t know, gold was considered to be an ingredient for immortality and though we are pretty sure that isn’t true, you can actually have edible chocolate for kicks as it is approved both in US and EU. Simply called, The Chocolate, this piece of confection really is The ultimate sinfully sweet treat. The chocolate have been minutely ground to 15 microns, which creates a smooth texture like no other chocolate you have ever consumed.

The gold flakes used as garnish have also been sourced from Europe after careful research on the producers. To top it all off, the 400 Swarovski crystal encrusted chocolate box looks like a collectible item in itself. What is even great is that the farmers producing the chocolate are also paid almost three times more than they would ordinarily fetch in the market. How much does it cost then? £190.00 is what you will have to shell out for this very luxurious box of chocolate.

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