Five New Extreme Adventures By Abercrombie & Kent

It would be a good idea for adventurers to just start packing, since reading about this would have already given people an adrenaline rush. Abercrombie & Kent, the travel group has come up with five new extreme adventures to test people’s skills and get their hearts thumping. These five new extreme adventures take people around the world to Greece, Iceland, Norway, Jordan, and Mexico.

In Greece, adventurers will go for hike to Mount Olympus. This cool hike up to the mount has grassy uplands, plunging gorges, rocky ridges on the way to the peak. This hike will go on for ten days and costs $4,245 + $220 single supplement. In Iceland, people can walk over the glaciers and camp out in the open, while there is going to be snow and raging winds around them. Seven days for this trip will cost around $10,125 + $315 single supplement.

In Norway, adventurers will face the challenge of the Lillehammer Olympic Challenge. The destination will be Lillehammer, which is the venue of the 1994 Winter Olympics. Adventurers can try out bob sledding, curling, tobogganing and they can also take part in a biathlon. This five day trip costs $7,795 + $320 single supplement.

In Jordan, surrounded by ancient culture and desert camps the trip consists of eight days and is perfect for those who love history. It costs $7,150 + $400 single supplement. This is a physically demanding trip and adventurers can visit the Lawrence of Arabia’s home or can stay at the Bedouin-style desert camp for a bit.

Ocean lovers can go on to Mexico where they can go snorkeling, kayaking, and camping under the stars. This trip goes on for seven days at the Baja coast, and it costs $4,275 + $395 single supplement.

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