The Dalmore’s Limited Edition Castle Leod Whisky To Raise Funds For Castle Restoration

A few days ago I wrote about the Highland Park 50, a single malt scotch that recalled the scenic wonder of Orkney. Now, there is another special whisky from Scotland, but this one is a fund-raiser. The Dalmore has launched a limited edition whisky called Castle Leod. 5,000 bottles of this new whisky will be produced, and the proceeds will be used to restore Castle Leod, spiritual home of the Mackenzie clan, to its former glory.

Incidentally, this is not the first time that The Dalmore has introduced a whisky whose proceeds will be used in castle restoration. In 2010, the premier whisky brand from Scotland had introduced the Mackenzie whisky. 3,000 bottles sold out internationally in less than nine months and raised around £20,000. The Dalmore is hoping to repeat the same magic with its Castle Leod whisky. Richard Peterson, who created the new whisky, is hopeful that this will sell faster than its last year’s counterpart did.

However, this new whisky is not a bargain buy. It comes with a price tag of £100. Having said that, I think the Castle Leod whisky’s fundraiser character will stand it in good stead. Plenty of whisky enthusiasts will not mind spending the extra money solely because they realise that the proceeds will be used in restoring a Scotland heritage structure.

The 1606 castle is one of the few in Scotland that continues to be the residence of the original family. Moreover, The Dalmore is closely connected with the Mackenzies, who once upon a time were the owners of this luxury brand’s distillery. Moreover, The Dalmore’s royal stag symbol has been the Mackenzie clan’s crest since 1263.

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