En Selle Marcel, the Luxury Bicycle Lifestyle Concept Store Promises True Bliss to Bike Lovers

Can you guess what En Selle Marcel sells? I don’t blame you for not being able to guess as the name does not betray the trade they are in. Well, without prolonging the suspense, let me introduce you to the first ever Luxury Bicycle Lifestyle Concept Store in Paris. Located near the historical Montorgeuil Street near Etienne Marcel, it is not the traditional bike shop with rows and rows of bikes.

En Selle Marcel is for the modern cosmopolitan man who is truly passionate about a beautifully designed bicycle. For whom the vintage cycling objects bring back the blissful memories of childhood. It is a location he can escape to in order to indulge in his passion. En Selle Marcel is committed to crafting superior bicycles and timeless vintage accessories. The riders of their cycles are not average commuters but have a distinct personality of their own.

It is the detail that differentiates their cycles from the rest. The shiny chrome, the bold red tubing, the radiating thin wires between the rubber tires all accentuate the details. The orange reflector appears as a beauty mark. It isn’t worth taking any bike out on the street. If you want to reconnect to your childhood memories of true bliss when you cycled on your own you must pick a bike from En Selle Marcel.

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