Yachtshare To Introduce The All New Seawind Catamaran With Open Day Event

One of the foremost names in yacht charter services, Yachtshare has announced its plans of hosting an Open Day event at the Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Marina, to bring its latest yacht, the Seawind cataraman to the boating world. With the unveiling of the new luxury yacht on March 6th, 2011, Yachtshare will enable a group of members to co-own and maintain the new boat, while enjoying the services of the all new Seawind 1000XL catamaran on an equal basis. Based in Manly, New South Wales, Yachtshare has announced that, once the Seawind finds its owners, the company will take care of all the servicing and maintenance of the luxury yacht on behalf of the owners.

One of the principal benefits of co-owning boats and vessels from Yachtshare is that, the owners of these sea going machines are able to retain their share of equity in the vessels, thereby entitling them to a share of the proceeds, when the boats are eventually sold after a three year ownership period. As per the program, the co-owners of the Seawind 1000XL catamaran, will be provided with an online calendar, through which they can mark the dates, when they wish to use the boat’s services. This ensures the equal use of the boat by all the co-owners and Yachtshare also provides these owners with the ability to co-share the boat on public holidays during the three year term. The shares for the Seawind 1000XL catamaran are priced at $48,500, along with an additional $750 per month as ongoings.

According to Barry Pares (CEO, Yachtshare).

“We are offering 10 shares in the new boat. It includes four cabins and an enclosed bathroom. The saloon and cockpit combine into one large living and entertainment area with enough room to sail with up to 22 people aboard. Even the saloon table converts into a huge king-size bed.”

Via Sail World

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