Ralph Lauren Fall 2011 Collection Gets Inspired By Far Eastern Culture

The Far East or more specifically, China, though has finally come to terms with the 21st century way of life, yet this nation of more than a billion citizens still has managed to preserve and abide by many of its oldest traditions, that have their roots centuries ago. The immersing of the traditional Chinese fabrics along with the modern age fashion, has been one of the most happening trends in today’s fashion industry,  that has now been further glorified by one of the most prominent fashion houses in the world Ralph Lauren. This fashion giant has now come out with its all new Fall 2011 Collection, where the new line of clothes have been designed to match the clothing sense of the Far East. The inspiration to create such a marvelous mix came to designer Ralph Lauren, after his recent visit to China.

The all new Fall 2011 Collection sports some of the most exquisite silk gowns, as well immaculately tailored suits, that come in a palette of emerald green, black and red. Along with the extensive use of silk in women’s wears, Ralph Lauren also showcased clothes with dragon embroidery as well as alligator bags with RL monograms. China, which is considered to be the world’s fastest-growing luxury market, has recently seen a high level of interest by numerous luxury products manufacturers, so much so, that as the world was reeling in the 2009 economic recession, Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. took a giant step of expanding its business in mainland China. The entire Fall 2011 Collection is a tribute from Ralph Lauren to the the U.S., Europe and China, where in the fashion behemoth has tried to bring the cultures and heritage of all the regions encompassing the 1920s and 30s and period of the ‘Last Emperor’ of China.

According to Ralph Lauren,

“This is a collection for me to express to my company what I see happening. It’s not about building glitzy stores, it’s about the quality.”

Via Wall Street Journal

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