Pop The Question Over A $10,000 Monica Martini At The Minus5 Ice Bar

The Minus5 bar is not just another bar. Rather, it is an experience “that will chill you to your bones”. After all, this bar promises “the coolest experience”. Everything in this bar is crafted out of 100 percent pure Canadian ice. Everything! The walls, the bar, the seats and even the glasses that you drink from are made of ice. Yet, the Minus5 Ice Bar is not just for big groups of excited buddies. It could also be the perfect place to catch up on some romance.

If you are planning to pop the question to your significant other, order the $10,000 Monica Martini. This cocktail is available at the Monte Carlo and Mandalay Bay bars. This Jewel of Russia Ultra Vodka martini is not your regular drink, for a diamond engagement ring forms part of this super-romantic cocktail. All you have to do is provide 48 hours of notice. Then, you can pick out your favourite ring by Aaron Lelah jewellers and have it placed in the martini glass. The ring makes up for 90 percent of the drink.

Later, as you enter the bar with your sweetheart in tow, order up your martinis. Once she sees the martini glass with the ring, she is sure to agree.

Incidentally, the drink is named after one of the employees of the Minus5 Ice Bar. The lady in question was one Monica who found herself engaged to be married thrice in two years. I’m not sure if that bodes well for other couples. You will just have to leave it up to fate.

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