Luxury Condoms With A Social Conscience

The luxury factor has hit the condom market as well. And part of the whole USP of luxury condoms is that not only are they packaged better, but they promise to be more socially conscious as well. Sir Richard’s claims to provide not only the best condoms in terms of appearance, but they also have an added social incentive.

The target, therefore, is people who can afford to throw in an extra few dollars for a luxury condom. The trick is not to go looking for a 100 percent fail-safe contraceptive. Sir Richard’s is not offering that, though they promise superior quality to the run-of-the-mill condom. Instead, their products could provide the perfect ending to an expensive dinner date. Sir Richard’s condoms flaunt an English elegance. Meanwhile, another luxury condom maker, the Original Condom Co. packages theirs in cases like the ones holding engagement rings.

But it is the social factor that could draw in customers. Sir Richard’s has AIDS prevention as its cause. So, for every luxury condom that is sold, Sir Richard’s sends a condom to some developing nation – a small step to fight wide-ranging disease.

Moreover, Sir Richard’s condoms are vegan. That is, they do not contain casein, a dairy product that is found in most other condoms.

Sir Richard’s founder Matthew Gerson confessed that he did not set out thinking of starting a vegan condoms line. He also added that the company was seeking to change perspectives about condoms, maybe help them enter broader conversations. These luxury condoms certainly have a lot on their plate.


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