Wilkinson’s Sword Blade Features the World’s Smallest Engraving by the Hand of Genius

If you have a thing for etched text on luxury stuff, the Wilkinson’s Sword blade with the world’s smallest engraving by hand priced at over £47,500. The words “nothing is Impossible” etched here measure a tenth of a millimeter and are invisible to the naked eye. These letters can be only be read with with a medical microscope at 400 times magnification.

The man behind this magnificent achievement is Graham Short and it took as much as 150 attempts before he could finally pull this through perfectly. The 64 years old artists says that he could only work at night when traffic vibrations were at the minimum. He had to tie his right arm to the arm of the chair to substantially reduce unwanted movement. He actually used a stethoscope to monitor his heart beats and he could attempt a stroke only between beats for that is the time when human body remains perfectly still.

Its mind boggling to see to what extent Graham Short went to attain this insanely new height of perfection. And like behind every man’s success there is a woman, Short’s story isn’t anything different from that. He says that was the result of his wife’s belief in him.

Via: Telegraph

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