The Seven Deadly Sins Inspire This Set Of Wine Bottles

Packaging is everything these days. Just the other day, I had written a post about the new crystal decanter by Coley Porter Bell adorning Chivas Brothers’ Royal Salute Whisky. Now, it appears that the seven deadly sins have just got sweeter and a lot more fun. Spanish Agency Sidecar Publicidad has come up with the Siete Pecados, a set of seven Rioja wines that represent the seven deadly sins.

Sidecar Publicidad is known for being high on creativity. And the collection of wine bottles is a case in point. Gluttony, greed, pride, sloth, lust, wrath and envy make dazzling appearances in the Siete Pecados collection. Each bottle of the Siete Pecados collection stands for one of the seven sins. Each has its own distinctive look, one that is inspired by the sin in question. And this collection of Riojas is certainly a conversation starter.

Pride is high on elegance, with glittery writing adorning a dark bottle. Envy comes in a eye-catching gold bottle while sloth is a dark shimmery bottle through which laziness shines through. The bottle standing for Wrath is easily identifiable – the label on the bottle appears to have be torn off in a fit of rage. Then there is Greed. This bottle displays is an ornate gold keyhole symbolising this deadly sin. My two favourites were Gluttony and Lust. While a silver fork with curled prongs represented Gluttony, the bottle for Lust was red and covered with lace.

Tipplers who love their wine with a touch of style, would certainly be sighing at this super-creative collection.

Via: The Urban Grocer

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