Manchester Derby Beats the Super Bowl to Emerge as The Richest Sport

The amount of money in sports these days is simply mind boggling. Though this money is very unevenly distributed, with some sports getting a larger chunk of the money. The Wall Street Journal recently broke down the dollar figure for each player in the prominent sports and something very interesting popped up. Most of us would guess that the Super Bowl would be the most expensive sports in terms of the valuation of the players. But it is not my friends. It was not the US but the British that came on top on this one and the victor was Football.

Apparently, the match between Manchester United and Manchester City of the English Premier League was the richest sporting event on the planet. The Wall Street Journal came up with this interesting conclusion after adding up the value of the players of both teams in the Manchester Derby. The figure came to a whopping $850 million! But this wont be occupying the top slot my friends. Next month when Manchester City and Chelsea lock horns, the total will go upto $900 million!

US teams such as the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox (approximately $380 million) or the Dallas Cowboys and Washington Redskins (around $350 million) don’t even come close! The reason for such steep prices for football players is explained by the “transfer fee” that the teams have to pay to the players’ former teams, this fee not applicable to American teams.

Via: Online.wsj

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