Sleipner Airbearing Turntable worth $48,000 From Bergmann Audio

You are a music enthusiast and have long been looking for a compelling instrument or device that could even drive you to cash on some of your gray investments in Swiss bank accounts. Forget gold-encased or Swarovski studded guitars. Here comes the Sleipner Airbearing Turntable worth $48,000. This audio system has been created by the folks from Bergmann Audio seated in Denmark and has an interesting history behind its nomenclature here.

The unconventional Sleipner name is derived from the Nordic mythology which speaks of magical eight-legged horse (thankfully no unicorns and no offence meant to pink horned-horse lovers) which was the most agile creature on earth. The term here translates into something that can glide in very smoothly. Justifying the fancy name here, our expensive audio system can exhale smooth acoustics coupled with unparalleled sound quality and frictionless technology.

The audio system here is made up of six inner layers with 3 boards of powdered granite, 2 layers of aluminum and 1 layer of bitumen. The system owns its superior sound quality to this product architecture. $48,000 is definitely a humongous price to pay for an audio system with no bling job but its time that you tweak your taste this time.

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