Luxury Aviator Furniture from Restoration House Looks Unconventionally Classy

We get that you are tired of artistic and curvy furniture and want to house some asymmetrical angles in your furniture setup. The Aviator Wing Desk pretty much read your wishlist and is a stupendous piece of décor made straight from airplane parts.

Restoration House has created this Aviator Wing Desk and is known to derive its inspiration from the fighter planes from the Second World War. Handcrafted from metal, the desk here features a shape of a bent wing. The exterior chassis here has patchwork panels of polished aluminum with intentionally exposed steel screws to give the lethal machine look. Buitl around a solid hardwood frame, the aluminum here has a distressed matte to keep the clean pretentious look of chic furniture away and bring in a class of its own. To its right it has three shelves lined with black cotton canvas to stuff away utilities.

With the airplane feel here, you might think this will be high-maintenance stuff. But to our delight it isn’t. To main its natural glaze, you just have to buff occasionally with metal polish. It is available for $1995.

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