Rock Royalty’s Fender Telecaster Finished with Alligator Skin and Diamonds

Rock Royalty, the luxury design house is keen to establish itself in the field of custom made guitars. They customize guitars in their one of a kind design. The latest offering by the Nashville based design house could be described as the ultimate in rock star decadence. It is a Fender Telecaster and its body has been covered in alligator skin and has details in sterling silver and diamond. It is priced at $85,000 which could be steep for an upcoming rocker.

The guitar has Rock Royalty’s patent-pending steel cage with chrome finish and red aluminum screws. The volume knobs are made from sterling silver. The tuning keys are also silver and finished with black ruthenium. The selector switch is set with rubies. But it is the alligator skin wrapping that gives it the exotic look. Though it is not the most expensive of Rock Royalty’s offerings, which honor goes to the custom Gibson Les Paul.


At $125,000 it is the most expensive of their designs and has almost 50 carats of black and white diamonds. This is a fully functional guitar but they also create replicas that are picked up by guitar collectors and jewelry aficionados simply as objects d’art. All their designs are unique as they never duplicate or repeat it. Their finishes are generally exotic including one wrapped in stingray skin.

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