Posh Spice Has Shirtless Pic of David Beckham on Her Gold iPhone 4

Posh Spice may still be appearing in the news columns regularly, but slowly over the years, she has begun to seem and sound like a good ol’ has-been. This time around, she has gone ahead and got herself an iPhone that has her husband David Beckham’s shirtless photo as the screen background.

That is something that we really didn’t need to know, and it is still not clear to me why she would walk around with the gleamy and gaudy gold iPhone right in front of paparazzi, so that they can even take pictures of her screensaver! Now, that really is how has-beens usually act, in order to feel that they are still talked about, and that they are still in demand. Now, we certainly would talk about such has-beens who try to grab attention, but not in a friendly manner always! Moreover, aren’t we all tired of David Beckham’s pics strewn all across the tabloids the last decade?

Initially it wasn’t too bad, but after a while it got a little too much. Of course, I don’t mean to hurt any Victoria Beckham’s fans around here and I am certainly not pushing her gold plated iPhone 4, which was given the bling look by Stuart Hughes, who needs no introduction. If that is what you would like to believe, so be it. Nevertheless, I still think Posh Spice dresses really well, like you can see in her pictures here.

Via: Daily Mail

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