Luxury Brands Combine Advertisement with Editorial Content in Town & Country Magazine

Town&Country magazine is trying to position itself as the appropriate medium for the luxury advertisers as opposed to the internet which is littered with unwanted ads and promotions. Jim Taylor, vice president and publisher at Town&Country, New York, claims that it is almost impossible to create a digital experience similar to what readers find in print editions of T&C and it offers brands an opportunity to connect with their target audiences.

T&C is very selective about its editorial content and equally choosy about the ads they accept. The ads and editorial are equally important and consumers want ads to match up to the editorial. Luxury brands such as Chanel, Cartier, De Beers, Michael Kors, Harry Winston and Rolex are increasingly combining their advertisements with relevant editorial content as their print media buying strategy. T&C on its part chooses brands that are of equal status to its readers.

De Beers has a two-page spread on the first two pages of the magazine. Chanel’s ad is the entire back page of the magazine. There are several other brands who have advertised in one or two page ads. Some brands have even been advertised in the editorial content. The magazine provides the luxury brands a very receptive audience. The demographic of the magazine is 70% female.  These women are affluent and married with children. It is the readership that wants to be embraced in luxury.

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