Gregg Donovan, the Unofficial Face of Beverly Hills Loses his Job

The latest casualty of the recessionary pressures on jobs is Gregg Donovan, the self proclaimed “World famous Ambassador of Beverly Hills”. One has become used to seeing Donovan dressed up in a top hat, red coat and tie, standing on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California and offering a broad smile and friendly face to tourists and locals alike for years.

The Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau said it can no longer afford to pay him. He was asked to turn in his red ambassador jacket and the top hat. Over the years he has served as the unofficial face of the city, posed with stars and visitors alike and featured on maps and souvenirs. Donovan has been asked by the Bureau to surrender the rights to any photos, videos or other materials representing him as the city’s ambassador.

As per reports in the Associated Press, Donovan has refused to do so and has been appealing the public to help him. Donovan is no different from any other unemployed person and he has been hanging out, going to the movies and the gym and looking for employment. He would like to take up similar work and is likely to get an offer from nearby Hollywood but Donovan has so identified himself with Beverly Hills that he would be happiest if allowed to continue there.

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