Luxurious Birdhouses Await Our Feathered Friends In Canada

It is the ultimate treat for our feathered friends. Canada-based John Looser has made it his life’s mission to create exquisite bird mansions. One look at his large-scale masterpieces and you know that this is not just another bird-brained gimmick. Looser’s bird mansions are luxurious, magnificent structures that are high on detail.

These extreme birdhouses that Looser has set up in Toronto, Canada are a sort of luxury residence for the birdies. His creations are brilliant enough to spike the interest of bird lovers across Canada. One of his creations has 103 rooms, plus a swimming pool. There is another with a fly-through tunnel. Needless to say, the birds are flocking to these luxury homes.

Looser has built these birdhouses completely by hand, using reclaimed wood. Much of the wood used is decades old. Sometimes, it dates back a few centuries. The architecture is unmistakably in the 19th-century English style. Looser puts a great deal of effort into building these homes. His creations sometimes take weeks to complete. The sheer ambition of some of the projects is mindboggling. Looser’s largest bird mansion is 9 feet by 9 feet in size.

Looser turned to hand-crafting birdhouses following an early retirement. Several birds have already set up their homes in Looser’s bird mansions. His creations are clearly a hit with the target segment.

The prices for his creations range from $ 200.00 – $ 2,500. Plus, Looser hopes to create replicas of famous English buildings in the coming years. This one is certainly for the birds.


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