Bauline’s Opera Expandable Table Expands According to Your Requirement

This latest expandable table from Bauline is absolutely amazing. It is not possible for everyone to have tables of different seat capacity for different occasions. If yours is a small family you would have a small dining table. But what about the times when you are entertaining and having a big dinner. Well now you wont have to worry about seating all your guests, thanks to this table by Bauline.

The Opera expandable, while at its smallest, measures 51 inches across. But it comes with a feature that can expand the table upto six times. Each leaf has an additional size of 18 inches, which means two more seats. So basically this table can accommodate anything between two to twelve guests easily. Made of ash wood, the table can also get a lacquer finish upon request. This table is ideal for most  modern homes that cannot have a big dining table all the time.

But for special occasions one always needs such big tables. What is even great about the Opera table is that it can be expanded according to the number of guests. So such a situation will never arise where the table is too big or too small for the party. So if you are as impressed as I am about this table then check out the Bauline website for further details.

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